New Wii Channel!!!!!

Nintendo Finnaly Released an new channel for the wii! it is called the Today and tomorrow channel!
it is about lifestyle and fortunes!
its is now available for free download in the shop channel!
Today and Tomorrow Channel



Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for! Nintendo finnaly made a price cut for the Wii! it is now 199$
go buy it if u dont already have it!

plus go to our new youtube channel! we will now upload news vids! subscribe!Wii Price Cut

Animal Crossing City Folk Fire Works Show

there was a fireworks show lat night at 7 PM here is a picture!Animal Crossing Fireworks Show 09!

New Super Mario Bros Footage and Gameplay

This is some game-play from the New Super Mario Bros game for the Wii. This footage is filmed at the Gamescom convention in Germany. For more info on this game go to Previews page and select the Game

Guitar Hero 5 To Be Released Soon!

                 Guitar Hero 5                                                      

GH5 is set to be released someime this year. Some of it many features include Wii to Ds compatabilty, NO FRIEND CODES! and persistant online play!

Will You Buy Wii Sports Resort?

Wii Sports Resort Released FINNALY!

Wii Sports Resort has been finally released. To celebrate the release Nintendo has set up a small area in Times Square (New York) for players to experience the game!